About Us & Our Products

Welcome to Indohypsie! We are a small family business operating out of our shop in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. We are currently offering our custom, handmade headbands and some of our tank tops. One of my lifelong goals is to run a race and collect a medal from each and every state, which is one of my motivating factors for starting this business, as we have traveled east to west coast promoting our products. We create new and exciting items for each event we attend, so if you missed out on something at an expo, send us an email and we will do our best to help you with your request! We are a company that manufactures all of our products in the USA, and each item is inspected thoroughly before shipping. Attention to detail and great care goes into every product we sell. If it isn't perfect, we won't stock it! We have over 400 5-star reviews in our Etsy shop for a reason, and we know you won't be disappointed! 

Now About Our Headbands...

Who can wear them?

Yogis, fashionistas and fitness enthusiasts wear these multicolor, multifunctional, non-slip, sweat-wicking, 4" wide, nylon/spandex printed headbands for lounging, exercise, and a night out on the town!

Why do we love them?

We use top of the line fabric shipped from New York. They are handmade with love, and handpicked to fit anyone's wardrobe! We love these because of their versatility, comfort, and wow-factor. Marathoners have run their 26.2 miles without a single slip. You can wear these and focus on your yoga poses or spinning jumps without sweat dripping down from your head. Throw on a headband to compliment that new bikini or outfit and listen for the compliments to start rolling in!

How should someone care for them?

Similar to the material of a bathing suit, it is best to rinse these with water or hand wash your headbands with a mild soap, and then hang to dry. Washing machines and dryers have been know to compromise the integrity of this material, so care should be exercised to ensure longevity of the product.

Exactly what does the product look like?

In a multitude of colors and patterns to choose from, all our headbands are cut to 4" wide strips, has a raw edge to prevent snags and rips, and is sewn to a 1" secure double seam in the back. Every headband is 18" in circumference, but the material stretches to fit just about any head shape and size, even small kids have flaunted these without a problem!

How can I wear one?

Wear these wide or fold them thin, there is a variety of ways to rock these headbands! To keep them from sliding back during exercise, be sure to wear them above the eyebrows, touching as much skin as you see fit. The skin-to-fabric contact locks the headband in place and keeps it from sliding around. To secure the headband for a tighter fit, wear it slightly over your ears (this also helps keep your ears warm on cold days and keep earbuds in when bouncing and running!). You can wear the band over your hair (hippie style) or under your ponytail (fitness style). Try with pigtails, braids and curls for added fun!


Our tank tops...

We use Next Level Ideal Ladies T for most of our custom work, but will be happy to use your preferred brand if it is available from our suppliers. The tops are available in sizes XS-2X and include a soft, breathable lightweight 60/40% cotton/poly blend. They are hemmed, and have self-fabric binding at armholes, neck and bottom.

Available in 23 different colors. 

We're adding men's options as well. If you're a guy and want one of our tank tops, just email us and we'll create one especially for you.